How to Secure Linux Servers

How to Secure Linux Servers

Basic Linux Server Security

Install Firewall (APF or CSF Firewall with BFD)

  ModSecurity (Web application firewall)

  ModEvasive (Prevent DDOS attacks)

  Harden SSH server

  Fix Open DNS Recursion

  Install RKhunter

  Install ClamAV (Antivirus)

  XInet Servers Hardening (Disable Telnet/Finger or unwanted services)

  Securing PHP

  PortsEntry (tool to detect portscans)

  Harden host.conf (against IP spoofing)

  Check User Uploaded files

  Secure /tmp Folders (noexec, nosuid)

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install mod_security2 on centos / redhat

This article assumes that you have installed a RedHat Enterprise or CentOS and not guaranteed to work, although we have tested on several CentOS 4.5 with success.
The first thing is make sure we have installed the libxml2 library, for it only have to do a search on our system, if installed normally. (XPC Note: Try “yum install libxml2-devel”) 继续阅读install mod_security2 on centos / redhat